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Angel Gives Dying Father Wedding Moment

During the holiday season, generosity shows up in expected ways: … a minute of kindness among strangers – the sort that brings home the heart of Christmas – materializes when least expected.  That’s what happened to bride-to-be Chrysalis Autry, 26, when she walked into the Bridal Salon of San Antonio two days after Thanksgiving and met the shop’s owner, Amy Wells.



Author Max Lucado wrote about the fore mentioned story in his book, Grace. (Chapter 9)


Recommendation Letters: 

“Your influence is determined even more by who you are, than by what you say.” Bob Burg’s Book, Adversaries Into Allies. 


By Bob Burg:

This letter will serve as a recommendation for Amy Wells in the category for which she has been nominated. Amy embodies everything good about humanity, business and overcoming odds in order to succeed.

In my work as an author and speaker, I travel throughout the continent and meet many business owners and managers. A number of them are exceptional examples of leadership, encouragement and providing value to everyone around them; both customers and employees. I cannot think of anyone I would rate higher in any of those categories, however, than I would Amy Wells. What she did for that young bride-to-be in her store that day – while very special – was actually…”nothing special” to those of us who know Amy and have been touched by her heart. It’s just “who Amy is” which is why it is “what Amy does.”

I’m certain you have many superb candidates from whom to choose and any of them will represent the category well. I can only speak firsthand of Amy and suggest that this exceptional human being truly – again, I’ll use the word – embodies what a business woman; what a human being should strive to be.

Bob Burg

Coauthor of, “The Go-Giver”


_____________________________________________________________________It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Ms. Amy Wells. I have known Amy for about 11 years and since that time I have developed a sincere appreciation for her ability to encourage and motivate people in all areas of their lives. Amy is able to see people in need and intervene in such a way that they are immediately responsive to her. She has a sacrificial heart and is willing to lay everything down to help a friend or family member through a crisis. This is the evidence of a real and true friend. Amy is very intelligent, knows how to articulate well and possess an intuitive wisdom that helps others to see what they cannot see in themselves. This power of intercession is one that few people have and rarely use it when they have it. Amy has it and utilizes it on a daily basis.

Amy has a giving heart and will provide for those charities that are making a difference in the lives of others. This same attribute is active in her wedding gown business in San Antonio. She develops and mentors her staff by helping them to succeed and investing in their futures, even if it means losing them to someone else. Amy has been tremendously influential, and has brought unity to those who were once divided. Her perseverance and affection for those around her has resulted in truly wonderful transformations in literally hundreds of lives.

It is my privilege to recommend Amy Wells for Business Woman of the Year as one who truly exemplifies the characteristics of inspiration and beating the odds.
Most Sincerely,

Dominic Herbst

Founder and President
Bethesda Family Services Foundation




Sales Related:

“This was my first and LAST bridal shop visit! I was so impressed by Amy’s love for her customers, her knowledge on dresses, as well as her ability to connect and be genuine. The shop is absolutely adorable and well equipped with undergarments and bridal accessories. I felt comfortable with Amy pulling dresses and fitting me in them. I am recommending all my bride-to-be- friends to book an appointment with her.” Alice Lee


” Amy was so much fun working with!! She was there with me from start to finish on my wedding dress! She went to all the fittings and was easy to communicate with. She also carried our brides maid dresses and took care of all of that work so I didn’t have to do anything!!! Highly recommend The Bridal Salon of San Antonio and working with Amy!! Thanks so much for everything. I felt like I was on top of the world.” Rachel Patton Bowers


“Absolutely the best experience ever. Everything was perfect from time we walked in the door. Walked out the door having a new best friend named Amy. God is sooo good.”


“I loved getting my dress at The Bridal Salon of San Antonio. Amy is THE best. I’m going to drag out my fittings, so I can hang out with her.” Stephanie Sorensen


“Amy provided excellent service to my bride friend, Alice. Definitely knows her stuff and is such a delight to work with.” Diana Labrada


“Best Bridal Shop.” Angela Platt

*********************************************************************************************Working with Amy has become a family tradition for us. Amy helped my cousin 17 years ago, so I knew then, when I was 10 years old, that I wanted to go back there.

My sister and cousin had an excellent experience, and she made us feel so good. It felt good to know that I am now getting that same experience.

My whole famiy and several of our friends will tell everybody we know about Amy.


“I have had the extraordinary opportunity to be cared for by Amy Wells Coach-Speaker on 2 different occasions that span almost a decade. The first time was in the early 2000s. I was young and found myself uprooting my entire life to get married. The wedding became larger and larger, and Amy became, not only the woman who helped me find me dress , veil, and 9 bridesmaids dresses, but my confidant as well. At that time, she had an amazing young woman named Elizabeth working with her that made the experience that much more enjoyable. Being around her was a calming experience. It was as if all of my worries disappeared when I walked into the Bridal Salon of San Antonio. She had a light that surrounded her, and that light, pulled people in. Her enthusiasm was contagious, and I couldn’t help but get excited every time I was around her.
Flash forward 7 years. I was a single mother of 2 adorable little girls who were only 11 months apart. Struggling to care for them while keeping some shred of sanity, I was blessed to find the love of my life. I was nervous to go back to the Bridal Salon of San Antonio because, this time my budget was 1/4 of what it was the first time and I felt like it would be awkward to share, what I considered was my past failure. The moment I walked into the doors with my mother, all of that changed. Amy greeted us with the biggest smile ever and gave me such a tight hug that, for a second time, all of my worries melted away. She made me feel like a million dollars and treated me like family even though she hadn’t seen either of us in all of that time. We began trying on dresses, but again, I was having a hard time because my taste and my budget didn’t match up. I jokingly looked at, what can only be described as the perfect dress on the showroom floor, and Amy saw me oggling it. She insisted that I try it on. After having a brief heart attack when the price tag reared its ugly face, Amy still insisted I try it on. I explained to her that it was way out of budget, and she gave me that mega watt smile and told me to just try it on.
When I put that dress on, I can’t explain how amazing I felt. In fact, I did actually bounce up and down all the way out to the large mirrors. Everyone agreed that this dress was meant for me. The only issue was the price. Then….Amy gave me the most amazing gift of all. She told me that I needed that dress and not to worry about the price, she would make it fit my budget. I couldn’t believe it. Not only did I have my dream man, but I had my dream dress as well. Amy didn’t have to do that. I would have found another beautiful dress, but she went above and beyond to help make my dream day come true. It wasn’t even about the dress that made me feel so amazing. It was that someone who hadn’t seen me in almost a decade did something so selfless and amazing. She has one of the biggest hearts around. During my following fittings, my 2 little girls came with me. The girls hugged Amy as soon as they saw her. It’s as if they could sense what a warm and loving person she was (of course it could be that I had talked about her non stop). She treated them with a lot more patience than I did. My ramblings of “don’t touch” were met with Amy’s insistence that everything was ok. Everything was ok…..that is how I feel every time I get the opportunity to see Amy. Even reading her blog post is sometimes all I need to feel better and smile. I realize this was rather long, but I found it impossible to try and describe the effect Amy has on other’s in just one paragraph. In fact , I have a few more pages in me, but will spare you the reading and re-iterate that God puts certain people on the earth to bring light and love to everyone and Amy is most definitely one of those people.”
Karen Wyatt


Speaking Related: 

“Amy Wells’ speech titled, “My Name Is Amy Wells” Had her audience spellbound, by the access to her heart, the mentoring, resolutions and the development of a ‘giving’ occupation. One powerful lesson that everyone will remember is, “SILENCE MAKES A SOUND.”

Al Swab 

President Toast Masters SADD


Coaching Related: 

“Amy is a great coach. She guided me through a moment in my life where I was starting my business and finishing a 15 year relationship with a corporation. She helped me see new opportunities, and helped me gain the confidence I needed to follow them. Working with her was wonderful. She has a kind heart, and she helped me stretch, to overcome fears that were holding me back from pursuing my most cherished dreams and aspirations.

During the time I worked with Amy as my coach, I gained a new level of confidence and faith in my own strengths and abilities. This allowed me to enter into a new stage in my life as a business owner. I will forever be indebted to her for the success I am experiencing in my life now. “

Jessica Calderon

Industrial Engineer MBA and Business Owner

Grupo Calderón


Dear Amy, I just want to express my appreciation to you for understanding how I found myself needing your professional help. What a blessing to be referred to such a kind, considerate, helpful coach. Thank you so much for coming to my aid. In the future, you will be a big part of my thoughts and some of the miracles I talk about.

Thank you, Sylvia Stephan


Blogs inspired by Amy:

Influencer, Influence Thyself…First!

Before we can influence others, we must first be able to influence ourselves that we have something of value to offer. I mean, if *we* wouldn’t listen to us…why would anyone else?

At my live programs, I often bring up the story of my great friend, Amy Wells, owner of The Bridal Salon of San Antonio, Texas. After attending a program she decided to shift one part of her business model — from discounting (an industry norm) to selling at full price — by focusing on the value she could provide to her clients.



 And, The Go-Giver Thank YOU Contest Winners Are…

Yes, drum roll please. Well, after one month, including two weeks of submitting videos and two weeks of voting, we finally have the winners of The Go-Giver Thank YOU Contest ready to announce.

And, the winners are… CLICK HERE TO SEE WINNERS


Is Money *Really* An Echo Of Value?

Yesterday, on Facebook, I posted a quote from John David Mann’s and my book, Go-Givers Sell More:

“Money is an echo of value;
it’s the thunder to value’s lightning.”

In other words, the value comes first. Provide value and — so long as you are willing to receive — you will make money.



Amy’s Decision To Communicate Her Value 

In the previous post, we answered a question asked by a reader on Facebook. Seeing my wall post that said, “Money is an echo of value; the thunder to value’s lightning,” she asked if that meant that those without much money held little value?

My response was basically that while a lack of money doesn’t in any way remove one’s intrinsic value as a human being, it does mean they have not brought or effectively communicated their value to the marketplace; at least not to the degree they would need in order to make more money.

Amy Wells, who owns The Bridal Salon of San Antonio, and who had attended one of my live events, chimed in by saying,  “I can testify to this last statement…..



Amy’s Bridal Salon:

The Bridal Salon of San Antonio is located in the epicenter of the regions fashion savvy clientele, at 17020 Hwy 281 N. Suite 100.

Lifestyle is vibrant within the population they appeal to, and it is somewhat unusual by Eastern standards. Traditionally their brides-to-be and debutantes come to a fitting straight from a South Texas quail shoot on a family ranch, dressed in jeans, a monogrammed khaki shirt, and custom made boots. Or they may arrive in tennis togs, or cut-offs, to change into the lavish gowns, silky sheaths, romantic lace, and duchess satin, or silk organza wedding gowns and bridesmaids gowns.

The Bridal Salon of San Antonio is a family owned and operated business with a heart for San Antonio. “We are native to San Antonio and understand the diverse cultures. Our principal focus is constant; to make each brides and debutantes experience in selecting her gown, a positive, and enjoyable occasion for everyone involved. Obviously it is working. Mothers and daughters we have outfitted come back bringing other branches of their families because they are comfortable with us.” says, Amy Wells.

“Being a business women, and adding value to San Antonio, came naturally to me. Well before paved streets, my great grandfather, owned and operated San Antonio’s first butcher and meat market store, which was located across from the Alamo. My grandfather owned and operated San Antonio’s first furniture store, in fact many of his pieces are still in our Court House today. My Great Grandmother headed Parks and Recreation and staffed San Pedro Springs near San Antonio College. My grandmother was one of the first supervisors with South Western Bell, and served on the San Antonio Conservation Society, until her death. In his youth, my dad was a Police Officer at Fort Sam Houston, and a photographer for the San Antonio News Paper, and my mom booked Elvis into San Antonio, in the 1970’s. LOL” says Amy.

The Bridal Salon of San Antonio is all the buzz in New York. Many designers are approaching them asking to be the exclusive designer in their Salon. They love going to New York, to bring high fashion to San Antonio’s beautiful Brides and Brides Maids. Besides the best designer gowns, the salon offers beautiful bridesmaids gowns. “When choosing bridesmaids gowns at market, only the best styles will do for our fashion discriminating consumers. Gone are the days of the hideous bridesmaid gown that sits in your closet untouched after the wedding. The selections there are to choose from are styles a fashion savvy girl would wear for a lovely evening out.” Says Wells

With the largest selection of the finest designers, Amy and her professional staff have taken The Bridal Salon of San Antonio, and turned it into South Texas’ most sought after appointment when it comes to getting a gown. And to set an appointment the number you can call is (210) 828-7931 or click here to go see the Salon

Amy's hearts' work is focussed on other peoples success. She will walk you through the steps it takes to get to your dream. She takes you from where you are, to where you want to be.